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Uncle Bubble 1:9 concentrate is exclusively available from JWS Europe. This super potent formula allows bubbleologists to easily travel from gig to gig, mix solution as needed, and create stunning bubbles. Uncle Bubble is famous all over the world for the characteristics of its bubble formula. Uncle Bubble creates stretchy, long-lasting, resilient bubbles (even under test conditions such as air-conditioned rooms or sunny days) perfect for artists and amateurs alike. Using this bottle, bubbleologists can create an incredible 3.78 liters of liquid. This bubbly liquid must be diluted in accurate measurements - stronger liquid does not mean better liquid!

This special concentrated formula has been a secret tool of the bubble trade for many years and we are very happy to introduce this incredible liquid to our dealers for the first time. This Bubble Concentrate product from Uncle Bubble brings you a 378 milliliter (12 fluid ounce) bubble mix concentrate. By mixing with water in a ratio of 1:9, 3.78 liters of transparent bubble solution are obtained. Simply add one part Uncle Bubble bubble mix to nine parts water to create long-lasting bubbles. The solution can then be used with any of your favorite bubble-making toys.

Uncle Bubble Soap Bubble Concentrate Liquid

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