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EFFECT 1Show two coins, the half dollar and the centavos, and give them to a spectator who will hold them closed in one hand. Ask him to bring both hands behind his back and here to place a coin in each hand. So, get the half dollar back and when she gives you the Centavos, to her surprise it will have turned into a completely different coin.

EFFECT 2 Shown in the left hand two coins, the half dollar and the centavos. Close both hands and when you open them again only the half dollar will be seen in the left. The other will have magically flown into your right hand.

Excellent realization!

In the package you will find the explanation of the two routines described here. Using your imagination, or drawing from books and DVDs, you may have dozens of other routines to perform with this set of coins.


Scotch and soda (Mexican half dollar and centavos)

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