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Cobra braided fire snake then is hypnotic and simply beautiful. Capable of spectacular bows, sheets and fire wings. A very impressive solid blaze of fire. Perfect for free flow. Create large arcs and circles of fire. This is a wild beast and should be treated as such, we recommend the Cobra Poi to experienced fire poi users and artists due to its weight and size of its flames.

Featuring a pair of durable nylon fabric finger loops, this will allow you to have full confidence and control over your Cobra Fire poi snakes. High quality nickel plated ball chain link which acts as a swivel. The chain is slightly shorter than our other fire poi, this is to accommodate the longer length of the poi and to keep the poi under your control. Heavy-duty quick links connect the chain to the Cobra's integrated metal eyelet then adding to the Cobra's sleek profile.

Sold with drawstring bag to keep your fire going so the rest of your gear doesn't get dirty.

Sold in pairs.

Twist Cobra (Fire Poi Set)

Sales Tax Included
  • Sold in pairs

    Poi head dimensions (cm): 2 x 32

    Then Head Weight (g): 160

    Total weight (g): 188 (376 g per set)

    Total length (cm): 64

    Chain length (cm): 16

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