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Concentrated soap for giant soap bubbles.
Finally also in Italy a product created ad hoc for giant soap bubbles. Easy to prepare and highly effective, it is possible to create long-lasting and incredibly elastic colored bubbles. It is not a derivative of dish soap but a highly professional product created specifically with the sole purpose of surprising, first of all the artists themselves!! In closed spaces or sheltered from the wind, it gives the possibility to create incredible bubble sculptures. Also excellent outdoors and in case of wind (not excessive) the bubbles follow the air flows creating spectacular shapes. The concentrate can also be diluted partially. Once the water has been added, mix gently (avoid foam) until completely dissolved for about 60 seconds, from which moment it is ready to amaze and amuse adults and children. The dilution ratio is 1:4, so for every 100g of product, 400g of water is added. For example, the total yield of a 1kg bottle is 5kg!!! Better to use distilled water, making sure it is not perfumed (iron), otherwise tap water is also OK. The conservation of both diluted and to be diluted soap must take place away from direct sunlight and in the coolest possible environment. The product meets the strict safety standards for toys, approved by the Italian Institute of Toy Safety with the CE mark.

Bubble Juice

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