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Cathedral XL.

This is a very strong, tried and tested fire poi spinner that has proven to be very popular with advanced fire poi spinners that can not only handle large flames but also extended burn time.

The wick used is high quality, great for fuel absorption and has a large surface area to create very bright, even flames that have a huge burn time depending on conditions.

The Cathedral Poi is securely attached by a bolt that slides seamlessly through the wick, adding stability and rigidity.

The Poi is connected to two durable nylon fabric finger rings via a quick and sturdy twist and a high-quality nickel-plated oval chain. The chain offers little air resistance, smooth, well-articulated rotation and adds to the rugged look of the poi cathedral.

Sold with a drawstring bag to hold the fire so the rest of your gear doesn't get dirty. Sold in pairs.

Cathedral Extra Large (Fire Poi Set)

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