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Gora called this "the ultimate contact person" and he may be right. Gora has gone back to basics, but introduced some innovative features that make this staff truly special. The use of a very special aluminum alloy (known as 7075) ensures that the center section of the staff is as light yet strong as steel. The ends have been fitted with additional weight to provide exceptional momentum. Furthermore, the personnel use silicone protections near the fire heads. This means that these personnel have much less exposed metal structures than traditional firefighters and are therefore much safer. Gora also includes two of his signature inverted rubber 'flowers' - these slow the staff down a bit and add extra weight. They can be removed if desired. Each end of the stick is finished with generous lengths of 100mm Kevlar® wick. Please note this stick should not be held upright whilst on fire. Rotating firefighters is obviously extremely dangerous - this prop should only be sold to responsible adults.

Contact Staff Gora

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