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Dragon Fire Staff beautifully crafted using precision components. Four fiery heads at either end. The weight of the stick and the silicone grip make it perfect for contact movements. The entire staff disassembles in a few minutes. The fire prongs have silicone to make them very easy to attach as well as reducing heat. This stick looks absolutely amazing thanks to the 8 prongs and extra absorbent wicks. This gives staff 8 extra large burners and a longer burn time. Silicone tassels prevent fuel from entering the handle keeping the stick dry and clean. Consisting of six removable 50mm dragon wicks and two removable 100mm main wicks. The stick can be used without the dragon wicks if preferred or for practice. This specialized staff is perfect for experienced players. Beginners can practice without attaching dragon wicks. Ideal for entertainment events.

Please keep the stick vertical when burning if it is not spun.

It comes with its own high-quality removable firehead bag making it easy to carry while keeping the rest of your gear clean.

Dimensions: Total Length 140 cm; Silicone coated handle 97cm; Centerpiece 60 cm; 2 ends of 40 cm; 2 wicks of 100mm and 6 wicks of 50mm; Weight 1,229 kilograms.

Disclaimer: This is not a toy. Must be sold only to adults 18 years of age or older. Fire rotation props should only be used by professionals. Please use at your own risk and educate yourself on the art and dangers of fire rotation, as well as taking ALL necessary safety precautions before, during and after each use. We are not responsible for any injuries caused by the use of rotating props.

Dragon Fire Staff Decomposable - 1,4 metri

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