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Written by Roberto Menafro and Paolo Michelotto. Text in Italian and English.

Manual of balloon sculptures.
In this book you will find: tips for beginners, basic knot, basic twist, ear twist, pom pom dog, swan, dunk, sword, heart, cat, inflate, space gun, machine gun, Viking hat, snail, idea, advice , rocking horse, pink panther®, six-petal flower, flower hat, pippo®, paperino®, bee, paperina®, candle, paperone®, archimede®, alberto wolf®, magical production of the little dog, marta®, hypnosis , dog fur, calimero®, karate chop, dozens of figures, obelix®, sticky creatures, princess crown, jammed pump, asterix®, genie lamp®, arm wrestling®, balloon juggling, roger rabbit ®, elasticate, felix®, octopus, beep-beep®, pacifier.

Fantastici Palloncini

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