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Collapsible Fire Hula hoops beautifully made. 5 pieces of hula hoop lenght attached with 5 wire mounted wicks. Each piece is decorated with glittery magenta and grippy black cloth tape.

Curved alluminium tubing for the connectors which are countersunk and threaded.

The wicks are precision made with added silicon enabling the user to comfortably screw these into place.

The wicks are held 17 cm away from the hoop making these very safe for experienced performers.

The 5 x 6 cm long burning wicks ensuring a mesmerizing fire effect. These are guaranteed to entertain your audience.

Make sure the hoop is held parallel to the ground at all times when not spinning.

Disclaimer: This is not a toy. It is only to be sold to adults 18 or over. fire spinning props should only ever be used by professionals. Please use at your own risk and educate yourself on the art and dangers of fire spinning, as well as taking ALL necessary safety precautions before, during, and after each use. We are not responsible for any injury caused due to the use of fire spinning props.

Fire Hula Hoop 100 cm. (5 wicks)

€ 94,00Price
Sales Tax Included
  • Diameter: 100cm

    Weight: 1kg.

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