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Classic Silver figure 8 descender

€ 34,90Price
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  • Weight: 260 g

    Material: Aluminum

    Silver colour

    CMR: maximum breaking load / BLL breaking load limit 40 kN (about/approx. 4080 Kg)

    CMU: maximum use load / WLL working load limit 10 kN (about/approx. 1020 Kg)


  • 8 hook with appendices.

    Ideal for hanging aerial silks.

    The two lateral appendages allow the two edges of the fabric to remain separate and this facilitates climbing and figures with the fabric open. The large central ring allows you to tie a knot with a double pass of the fabric and this ensures total firmness of the fabric preventing it from slipping to one side. The load limit of breaking of this item is 40 kN for its intended use in climbing. We recommend use for a single person

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