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In this kit there is everything you need to organize a fantastic bubble show.

Using the special bubble formula and the tools inside, learn how to make bubble chains, bubble cubes, bubbles within bubbles, and more! Instructions included.

Uncle Bubble formulas and tools are used by Bubbleologists and Bubble Performers around the world.
Even 5 Guinness World Records have been set using Uncle Bubble products.

With this kit you will learn the secrets of mastering bubbles.


1 x Uncle Bubble Multi-Wand - with multiple wand sizes. Move slowly for large bubbles, slightly faster for medium bubbles and fast for thousands of tiny bubbles.

2 x Uncle Bubble Straws - with internal ribs to hold even more liquid

1 dipping tray - with pour notch to allow unused liquid to be easily removed

1 bottle of ready-to-use Uncle Bubble formula used by the pros.

1 x Instructions - In English, German, French, Italian and Spanish - teaching you tricks and skills.

Multi bubble kit

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