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Luxus 26'' Unicycle

SKU: 1006
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  • The Luxus QU-AX unicycles with square pivot axle are designed for beginners weighing even more than 70 kg. For unicyclists who want a more extreme use unicycle (like jumping, freestyle, muni) Jokularte strongly recommends a model with an ISIS hub or stronger Q-Axle hub like the QU-AX Profi or Muni series. This Luxus unicycle has a frame ...

  • Saddle: Qu-Ax Luxus. Comfort saddle with interchangeable compact handle

    Seat tube: non-slip striped 35cm long, diameter 2.54cm

    Saddle release: rapido in aluminum

    Chassis: with curved limbs

    Wheel size: 26 inch

    Tyre: black color size 26x1.95 (50-559)

    Wheel rim: aluminum 36 holes 

    Spokes: 36

    Hub: tempered  square ends

    Bearings: outer diameter 40mm.

    Cranks: metal 127mm

    Pedals: plastic squares, with non-slip rubber


    Extras: 2nd seat tube: extra tube supplied, 20cm long, suitable for less tall

    Weight: 5,4 Kg.

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