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This kit includes...

Slackline 15m - 50mm

Although the Orangutan Classic Slackline is designed to be enjoyed by experienced slackliners, due to its design features it is also suitable for beginners. With the perfect combination of stretch, without being too flexible, the Classic line gives you the perfect bounce and walk experience for first steps. Any beginner will be able to progress quickly using this line.


Protector of the tree.

In addition to the standard line, you get two easy-to-use tree guards to protect your trees from the bark wear and tear that an unprotected slackline can inflict.


Training line.

The 1 training line that comes with this set is designed to fit at approximately head height from the standing position on the slackline. It allows you to stabilize yourself as you first learn to walk.

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Orangutan Slackline Kit

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