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Written by Paolo Michelotto, text in Italian, English, French and German. Manual of balloon sculptures.

In this book you will find: tips for beginners, the basic twists on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th knots, fast basic twist, ring twist, ear twist, apple and lip twist, elaborate apple twist, plume and eye twist, joining two balloons, snapping a balloon in two, spread legs, bird's body, bird's neck, pom-pom tail, candy twist, braid with three balloons.
Simple templates: puppy, swift swan, heart, dinosaur, teddy bear, duck, seagull, birds on heart.
More complex figures: little man with bulging eyes, chic sword, cutlass, chick, plane, piglet, motorcycle.
Multiple figures: guitar, lobster, teddy bear on plane, bicycle, colorful dog, pair of swans, bunny, heart on braid, heart scepter, doves on heart, butterfly, 6-petal flower, kissing bears, teddy bear in car, duckling , peacock, penguin, plutino, skunk, spider, rose, yellow bird, flax mouse.
Hats: bouncy eyes, baseball cap, 3d eye hat, balls inside, balloon balls, ball inside balloon, braid with balls.

Palloncini Nuove Sculture

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