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EFFECT 1 The magician inserts one or more coins into the Okito and closes it with the lid. After having placed it on the back of the hand from a small blow on the lid and the coins, in an instant, they will fall on the table piercing the box and the hand. The Okito will be empty!
EFFECT 2 The magician inserts one or more coins into the box and closes it. Place the Okito on the table and bring a hand under it. In an instant the coins will pierce the box and the piece of furniture, ending up in the hands of the magician. The Okito will be empty!

Fully searchable and pocket-sized.
It is carefully crafted from brass and is perfectly balanced.
It has an internal diameter of 3 cm and, when closed with the lid, it is 1.4 cm high.
With this fantastic accessory you can present easy or complex routines, all based on your skill level.
This model is perfect for half dollar coins (of the same size or even smaller) and can hold up to four (not included).
The above routines are an example of the potential of this box. Many more presentations, ideas, etc. they are easily found in magical texts and videos.

Okito box

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