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Huge tongues of fire with your sword.
This is a unique tool, a combination of Fire Swing Sword and Vul-Cane.
First you need to put the lycopodium into the sword with the help of a funnel, then you can apply the combustible liquid with a syringe. You must ensure that there is no excess fuel dripping near the tip of the blade, otherwise the di lycopodium dust will get wet and muddy.
From the moment you insert the lycopodium into the sword, you need to keep it upright. Make sure there are no people or flammable materials in a diameter of about 7 meters. If the space is safe turn on the sword and after a few moments you can start swinging the sword. The centrifugal force will push out the powder which will ignite on contact with the external flame and produce a huge flame effect.

Vulcane Sword

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  • Weight: 427 g.

    Warnings: this tool is for professionals! Use it carefully, don't use it in the wind. Do not inhale during combustion, i.e. hold your breath during use to avoid breathing the very fine lycopodium dust. Use low heat liquids such as kerosene, lamp oil or barbecue fuel. Do not use spirit/alcohol or gasoline. Do not hold the sword upside down while lit. Do not ground it while it is still on.


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