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Hook not included. One free sachet of Greek rosin.

Aerial Silk Vinaccia

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  • Fabric: polyester. Made in Italy

    Width: 160cm - 63inch

    Approximate density: 115g / m2

    Elasticity: low (5%)


    CMR: maximum breaking load / BLL breaking load limit 1300 daN (about/approx. 1325 Kg) for single flap

    CMU: maximum load of use / WLL working load limit 100 daN (about/approx. 102 Kg) for single flap

  • Jokolarte produces a high quality silk for aerial disciplines, extremely resistant and manufactured in Italy. It was developed following the precious indications of circus artists and teachers. The silk is non-slip, soft to the touch and has bright colours. It allows rapid ascents and safe descents/falls thanks to the low longitudinal elasticity and the comfortable grip given by a not excessive thickness which makes it suitable for beginners and experts.

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