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We are very happy to present our latest creation. An absolute novelty, here is the first aerial dance silk in the world with this color. Innovation, creativity and imagination by Jokolarte, all made in Italy!

Aerial Silk Zebra

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  • Fabric: polyester. Made in Italy

    Width: 160cm - 63inch

    Approximate density: 115g / m2

    Elasticity: low (5%)


    CMR: maximum breaking load / BLL breaking load limit 1300 daN (about/approx. 1325 Kg) for single flap

    CMU: maximum load / WLL working load limit 100 daN (about/approx. 102 Kg) for single flap



  • Jokooarte produces a high quality silk for aerial disciplines, extremely resistant and manufactured in Italy. It was developed following the precious indications of circus artists and teachers. The silk is non-slip, soft to the touch and has bright colours. It allows rapid ascents and safe descents/falls thanks to the low longitudinal elasticity and the comfortable grip given by a not excessive thickness which makes it suitable for beginners and experts.

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