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The Uncle Bubble Mega Loop will be loved by kids and adults of all ages. Everyone loves the feeling of being inside a bubble - you can't help but smile! Use the inflatable pool to create a super portable soaking tub and fill it with the amazing Uncle Bubble formula. Bubbleologists of all ages can then place people inside bubbles and perform this mesmerizing trick.

The Mega Loop can also be used to make bubble donuts and giant bubble sausages. Try cutting your bubble creations into tiny bubbles and forcing them back together to create weird multi-bubble sculptures.

Whether you are 6, 16, 56 or 106, you're going to love the Uncle Bubble Mega Loop.


1 x Uncle Bubble Magic Wand

1 x Giant Inflatable Dip Tray

1 x Bottle of Uncle Bubble Formula in 1:4 Concentrate Form - as used by professionals worldwide.

Includes full instructions in multiple languages.

*Please note that bubble wand and dip tray colors may vary.

Inflatable Ring for Giant Bubbles

Sales Tax Included

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