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Only One 16" Indoor Unicycle

SKU: 19791
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  • This Only-One model has been designed for children aged between six and ten who are approaching the fantastic world of the one wheel for the first time. Simple and solid, it is an excellent object for learning and developing ones passion.

  • Saddle: Qu-Ax Basic. Solid and reinforced with white colored handle

    Seat tube: anti-slip striped 30cm long, diameter 2.54cm

    Saddle release: rapido in aluminum

    Chassis: with curved limbs

    Wheel size: 16 inch

    Tyre: white, size 16x1.95

    Wheel rim: 28 fori

    Spokes: 28

    Hub: tempered square ends

    Bearings: 40mm.

    cranks: metal 102mm

    Pedals: profi indoor, non-slip



    Weight: 4,35 Kg.

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